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  David Gleason on the Web 1.0  
  Radio "DXer" and local station "go-fer."
Intern at Organización Radio Centro in México
Group radio station owner in Quito, Eucador
● Manager of WUNO, WQII, WSRA and WZNT in San Juan
Syndicator of "Música en Flor" across Latin America
VP of UnoRadio Group /Arso Radio in Puerto Rico
Programmer of Spanish Talk KTNQ in LA
Program Excecutive for Hispanic Broadcasting
Research and Program Executive for Univision Radio
Consultant for Emmis' Mega 98.3 in Argentina.
Consultant to Salsoul in Puerto Rico; 25 years #1

 Background: Tower site of HCRM1, 570 kcs, overlooking Quito, Ecuador 1964
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Documents, publications and directories
Radio magazines and directories.
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  My Biography
and resume.
Broadcast programming,
management and research
specialist for Latin America
and U.S. Hispanic markets.
David Gleason's biography My biographical résumé and virtual ego wall. Includes various features about radio in Latin America. Click on the "1" to view
Hispanic Radio Formats in the USA Spanish language radio formats explained! Spanish language formats found in the USA with music samples and descriptions. Click on the "2" to view.
Radio Audience
Radio Music Research... how does it work?
See how a real music test is done... how listeners pick the songs you hear on the radio. And see how perceptual testing is done, too.
Radio in
Latin America
in 1963
Pictures from my travels through Latin America. Mexico, Central America and Colombia in 1963. Includes towers, transmitters, studios and buildings.
A photo tour of the Hispanic Broadcasting studios in Glendale, CA. See KLVE, KSCA, KRCD/KRCV, KTNQ as they were in 2002 after moving from Hollywood.
Birth of
Top 40

KOWH was the first all hits radio station. And here, to demonstrate the search feature of this site, are some of the station's original ads in Broadcasting Magazine and links to many more!
KTNQ Talk Radio  Tour
Another photo tour: KTNQ Los Angeles. In 1996 KTNQ became a Spanish language Talk station. Tour the station studios and offices at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. and meet the staff!
My Favorite Radio Links A group of radio links ranging from the FCC, radio coverage maps, radio history and format history pages.
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Site Jingle
If the jingle does not play upon page load, you can listen to the site jingle from JAM Productions. I used this same package at my first station in Quito.