Mega 98.3 Promotions
La Rural and Mar del Plata
La Exposición Rural, literally "the Rural Fair", is an annual agricultural and livestock show held in the Palermo section of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event is organized by La Sociedad Rural Argentina, thus the name "La Rural" for the fair. Above is a view of the outdoor portion of the fair.
The exhibition has taken place in the society's Santa Fe Avenue exhibition centre and fairground, each year in July since 1886. Primarily a farming show, breeders arrive from all over the country to exhibit their livestock, particularly cattle. It became a major event even for city dwellers because of the variety of the exhibits.
Mega 98.3 at La Rural
Mega built a huge elevated stage with a studio below.
The rock group JAF performing Another view of JAF on the stage.
The stage, looking outwards Another stage level view
A view of part of the crowd and the indoor exhibits One of the entrances to the fairgrounds
Here you can see the studio below the stage. Another view with the studio featured
Stairway to the back of the stage Stage with Mega banner above
Alejandra and Pablo in the studio. Alejandra doing an interview segment.
Mar del Plata
Each year in Summer a large percentage of the Buenos Aires population goes to the beach and resort areas on the Atlantic Coast. Mar del Plata is the biggest and most famous. Mega broadcast from Mar del Plata and did a series of concerts by the sea. 
Entranceway with Mega banners Mega PD Maxi Ré coordiniting the event on his cellular phone.
More banners for Mega and for sponsors Quilmes beer and YPF gasoline Even the beach had Mega banners.
More banners... And this is a scene in Mar del Plata.