Los Angeles 1992
Longtime friend and associate Julio Rumbaut arranged for me to consult KKHJ in Los Angeles. This is the facility of the legendary KHJ, and had recently been purchased by José Liberman and his son Lenard who had been having good success with a Spanish language station in Orange County, CA.

José Liberman was one of the three brothers who had sold KTNQ and KLVE to Heftel 7 years before. Over the last two decades, Lenard has built a successful group of radio and TV stations and a TV network.
While consulting and during my first market visit to KKHJ, I was offered the PD/Operations Manager position. The difficult economy and the rising crime rate in Puerto Rico in the early 90's made that offer very attractive.    
In addition to programming KKHJ, I was VP-Operations for Liberman Broadcasting and also responsible for KWIZ, a Spanish language station in Santa Ana, California.   

And what kind of music did we play?

Along with afternoon talent Fidel Fausto, plenty of appearances were made at local clubs during the banda and grupera boom of the early 90's.   
KHJ Staff members at an event. Left to right Renán Almendarez Coello "El Cucuy" (Mornings) Jorge Pérez (sales), me, Amalia González (10 AM - 3 PM) and Sergio Ivo (sales) 
More KHJ staff. Ricardo Manzanares (news), Holguin (promotion), Ernesto de Gali (news), Renán Almendarez. 
Filming a KKHJ TV spot. The animals were props for a spot featuring a donkey in a studio.  
KKHJ event with Guardianes del Amor 
"Scolding" the group for arriving late! 
Crowd at Kindervision event. 
One of the "Lllave de la Alegria" contests where a listener could win a key to a new car.  
KKHJ ran the "No Repeat" weekend for over a year... along with a cash guarantee to be awarded if any song was played more than once.   
One of KKHJ's significant promotions is Kindervision, a child safety and anti-abduction program endorsed by police authorities. Free ID videos are given to over 5,000 children at an annual arena event; taping is also featured at many station remotes.  
In 1993, I was invited by the local AMA chapter to discuss the growth of the Spanish language radio market in a seminar.   

Don who?

He makes me feel thin! That is Don Francisco, the host of Univision's highly rated Sábados Gigantes variety show.  
 1992-1994: KKHJ was a very promotional station; over 300 remotes, fiestas and events were produced each year in conjunction with local and national accounts.